Works Council

Sligro Food Group has a single Works Council covering the entire Group in the Netherlands.

Single Works Council

It is the express wish of both the company and the Works Council to have a single Works Council in the Netherlnds. In this way, the Works Council reflects the organisational structure of the Group. Every level in the business has representatives on the Works Council but, within the Works Council, duties are allocated according to topic.

Enhancing the quality of the business

The law obliges us to have a Works Council but we view that ‘obligation’ as a blessing. Contributions from employees, whether formalised via a Works Council, coming out of day-to-day meetings or in some other connection, enhance the quality of the business or – as the slogan reflecting our corporate culture has it – there is ‘Strength in Unity’.


We believe that our Works Council must properly reflect the employees and activities within the Group. This is achieved by a constituency system, which adequately takes into account different geographical locations and the nature of activities.

You can contact the Works Council by emailing:

A new Works Council was elected in February 2020 for a three-year term. The members elect the board from among their midst..


Bestuur OR

Erik Noels Voorzitter
Bart Zoontjens Vice-voorzitter
John Pennings Secretaris
Simone van Groesen - Houben Vice-secretaris


Leden OR, termijn maart 2020 - maart 2023


Reinoud de Leur Bezorgservice groothandels
Johan van de Meer Bezorgservice groothandels
Frank van den Bergh Bezorgservice groothandels
Thomas van de Dijssel Bezorgservice groothandels
Connie van der Veen Bezorgservice groothandels
Ronald Schut Bezorgservice groothandels
Twan van de Meerakker Centraal distributiecentrum
John Pennings Centraal distributiecentrum
Erik Noels Hoofdkantoor
Bart Zoontjes Hoofdkantoor
Hugo Jaspers Hoofdkantoor
Simone van Groesen - Houben Hoofdkantoor
Tonny Bouwman Productiebedrijven
Burak Avan Zelfbedieningsgroothandels
Jochem van Kraaij Zelfbedieningsgroothandels
Albert Bijlsma Zelfbedieningsgroothandels
Alex Ubels Zelfbedieningsgroothandels
Twan Laanen-Hendrickx Zelfbedieningsgroothandels
Job Heijman Zelfbedieningsgroothandels
Jeroen de Groot Zelfbedieningsgroothandels
Adri Ypinga Zelfbedieningsgroothandels

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