In the Netherlands, we are the market leader and operate a nationwide network of Sligro cash-and-carry and delivery service wholesale outlets serving large and small-scale companies in the hospitality industry, leisure facilities, caterers, large-volume users, company restaurants, petrol stations, small and medium-sized enterprises, small retail businesses, and the institutional market. We also do this in the City Region of Amsterdam under the wholesale formula brand De Kweker. In a long-term strategic partnership with Heineken, Sligro is responsible for the exclusive distribution of Heineken keg beer in the Netherlands. Sligro and Van Hoeckel each have a dedicated commercial organisation focusing on their specific markets, while they make use of joint delivery and other shared services.


java foodservice foto

In Belgium, JAVA Foodservice focuses primarily on the institutional, corporate catering and hotel chain market segments. ISPC specialises in the hospitality industry and supplies high-quality, innovative food and non-food products to culinary professionals. ISPC operates combined cash-and-carry and wholesale delivery service outlets in Ghent and Liege. The first Sligro-ISPC wholesale formula outlet opened in Antwerp and the outlets in Ghent and Liège, as well as all new outlets that open over time, will also operate under the Sligro-ISPC brand.  These outlets are mainly aimed at serving large-volume users and the hospitality market.  The structure of the business in Belgium will gradually transform into one similar to that in the Netherlands, i.e. operating two formulas, Sligro-ISPC and JAVA Foodservice, each with their own commercial organisation while making use of joint delivery and other shared services.

Production facilities

Sligro Food Group has its own production facilities for specialist convenience products and fresh fish. The company also sources meat, game and poultry, fruit and vegetables, and bread and pastries through its participations in fresh-produce partners, which serve both the Dutch and Belgian market.

Product range and purchasing

We offer our customers a selection of around 75,000 food and food-related non-food items, as well as a range of related services. Most of the purchasing for specific food service products is handled directly through the Sligro Food Group, although a portion is arranged through CIV Superunie B.A.


Synergy and economies of scale

Sligro Food Group companies actively seek to share knowledge and make good use of the extensive scope for synergy and economies of scale. Activities that are primarily customer-related are carried out in the separate countries and business units. By combining our central purchasing with direct, meticulous category and margin management, we aim to continuously improve our gross margins and offer our customers a unique and innovative range. Operating expenses are managed by having an integrated supply chain and through constant focus on cost control. Centralised management of our IT landscape, centralised design and control of master data management, and centralised talent and management development all work to further enhance group synergy.

ZiN Inspiration lab

At the end of 2016 we opened our Inspiration lab ZiN. In a unique inspiring environment of 3,000 m2 an Inspirationlab has been created where trainings, trend tours, events, bootcamps, market research and everything that is possible to inspire our customers and share knowledge, will take place.

In 2017, we welcomed more than 15,000 visitors and trained more than 1,000 customers in numerous modules. New trainings and concepts are being developed for and together with our customers and partners, with the aim to show a strong growth in the number of training courses in ZiN and above all to be relevant to our customers and their development. More information about ZiN can be found at

Organization structure

The following chart shows which Group operating companies target the various segments of the food market. Central where possible, local where necessary.

organisation structure

Sligro Food Group strives to be a high-quality business for all its stakeholders that constantly grows in a controlled manner. Sligro Food Group shares are listed on Euronext Amsterdam. The Group’s head office is located in Veghel, Netherlands.

Sligro Food Group streeft ernaar een constant en beheerst groeiende kwaliteitsonderneming te zijn voor al haar stakeholders. De aandelen van Sligro Food Group staan genoteerd op Euronext Amsterdam. Het hoofdkantoor van de Groep is gevestigd in Veghel, Nederland.

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