CSR reports

Sligro Food Group reports each year on the results achieved and the most significant developments in the field of corporate social responsibility.

We have opted to give an integrated account of our financial and sustainability performance. A section on corporate social responsibility is included as a matter of course in our annual report. The report has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines and qualifies as level C (self-declared).


The topics covered in the CSR reports have been nominated by experts from the CSR Steering Group. The content of the report also reflects questions, responses and feedback from stakeholders such as consumers, employees and shareholders and discusses developments in the sector. Questions, comments or suggestions can be obtained by e-mail: mvo@sligro.nl

CSR reports

Listed below are the CSR reports of Sligro Food Group. Corporate social responsibility is an established element of our operations and has accordingly been included as an integral part of our annual reporting since 2010. All the annual reports since the 2010 report have included sections on organisation & staff and CSR. In the following list, these sections are entitled ‘CSR report’.


CSR matrix, SDGs and actions 2019 Download (pdf, 131,4kB)
CSR report 2016 Download (PDF, 352,7kB)
GRI Table 2015 Download (pdf, 48,6kB)
CSR report 2015 Download (pdf, 1,4MB)
FIRA certificate Download (pdf, 558,4kB)
GRI Table 2014 Download (pdf, 44,4kB)
CSR report 2014 Download (pdf, 2MB)
GRI Table 2013 Download (pdf, 27,2kB)
CSR report 2013 Download (pdf, 1,9MB)
CSR report 2012 Download (pdf, 1,8MB)
CSR report 2011 Download (pdf, 650,8kB)
CSR report 2010 Download (pdf, 4,1MB)

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