Within Sligro Food Group, Bouter is the specialist in advice, design, delivery, furnishing and maintenance of professional kitchen design, equipment and refrigeration technology.

Customisation in industrial kitchens

With their customised solutions, Bouter focuses primarily on hotels, company restaurants, healthcare, education and shipping.

Bouter distinguishes itself primarily with advice and direction. They see the delivery of a kitchen as the starting point of the collaboration.

The best director in professional industrial kitchens

When Bouter delivers a kitchen, it is as tight as a string. The customer should not be satisfied, but very happy with it. And of course he must be able to get started right away. During the advice and installation process, Bouter keeps full control, so at the time of delivery there is a 100 percent satisfied customer. Whether that is an efficient production kitchen from a caterer or a large kitchen in a luxury seaworthy yacht, Bouter knows what is needed.

Cooperation with Sligro

As a partner of Sligro Food Group, Bouter can offer a total package. Not only the catering equipment of the kitchen but also solutions in the menu, such as menu engineering. Together with Sligro specialists, this is perfectly coordinated.