Van Hoeckel

The specialist for the care market that works with you to ensure that meals are the three best moments of the day.

Good food, our concern!

Van Hoeckel is a total supplier of food and drink in healthcare. Van Hoeckel delivers daily to 1200 healthcare providers throughout the Netherlands.

van Hoeckel

In addition, Van Hoeckel helps, advises and supports healthcare organizations in designing their business processes. The 360 ° Foodcare approach is used for this. The focus is on meal times: as far as Van Hoeckel is concerned, the best moments of the day. They do not think in terms of limitations, but in terms of opportunities and solutions.

360° Foodcare

Van Hoeckel's 360 ° Foodcare approach uses four different roles: that of inspirer, architect, coach and supplier. Van Hoeckel examines which role is most valuable for your organization based on a client-specific issue. Sometimes that is only one, but often there are more. A question about food, drink and hospitality rarely stands alone.

Read more about the Van Hoeckel Formats.

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