Sponsorship policy

Every day, Sligro Food Group receives invitations to sponsor an event, association, activity or good cause. Sligro Food Group does not engage in sponsorship for its own sake. Sponsorship is about making deliberate and carefully considered choices.

And however good the aims of the organisers, we are unable to help most of them. As a result, we have decided to offer long-term support for a number of social activities. This avoids spreading the available funding too thinly over many different projects.

Useful contribution

We require a return from our sponsorship, in the form of a useful contribution to our corporate and marketing objectives. In all the projects we sponsor, we seek close cooperation with the beneficiary or organiser of an event on the basis of equal partnership. This creates a logical link between the beneficiary and Sligro Food Group or one of its business units and enables the project to deliver the relevant added value on a mutually beneficial basis.

Relationship with Foodservice

We prefer to support projects, activities or events that relate directly to our Foodservice business.

Sligro Food Group does not support:

  • Individuals
  • Parties
  • Projects of a religious or political character
  • Study trips
  • Student societies
  • Events which are known in advance to involve safety risks (including food safety) or harm to the locality or environment
  • Projects for which the donation is a balancing item in the budget


In the case of disasters, we draw a distinction between natural events (earthquake, tsunami) and disasters resulting from human action (war, insurrection, irresponsible conduct). With natural disasters we decide on an ad hoc basis what our role and responsibility are to be but, in the case of human causation, our policy is to decline assistance.

Careful choices

As for support for good causes, our policy is not dictated by the latest fad or by what others are doing. We look for causes that fit with Sligro Food Group’s activities or working practices and we support a number of smaller initiatives that have links to a locality or business unit. However, our range of activities is so wide and there are so many suppliers and customers who also want to support good causes that it is not always possible to accede to their requests. There is also the danger of arbitrariness.

We therefore make careful choices and have decided to support the Liliane Fund, Villa Pardoes, Verwenzorg, Voedselbank, DoSocial and JOGG. Read more about these good causes on the dedicated pages.

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