The General Meeting of Shareholders will be held on Wednesday, 24 March 2021.

In compliance with the provisions of the ‘Temporary COVID-19 Justice and Safety Act’ (Tijdelijke wet COVID-19 Justitie en Veiligheid), the Meeting can only be attended by electronic means.

This means that the AGM cannot be physically attended. Shareholders can participate in the meeting via Teams. For the procedure, we refer to the 'Convocation' downloadable below.

Annual General Meeting 2021

Important dates

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 24 March 2021



Shareholders in Sligro Food Group N.V. are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 24 March 2021.

Download here the Convocation

Proxy and voting instructions

Download here the Proxy and voting instructions for the AGM

Agenda and appendices

Download here the Agenda for the AGM.


Appendix 1, notes to agenda item 4.a

Download here the Remuneration Report

Appendix 7, notes to agenda item 7.a and 7.b

Download here Voorstel statutenwijziging (de wijzigingen) - in Dutch

Download here Voorstel statutenwijziging (doorlopende tekst) - in Dutch

Presentation of the AGM - in Dutch

Will be published here

Voting results

Will be published here

Minutes and Q&A

The questions asked for the AGM of March 24, 2021 and the corresponding answers and the minutes of this AGM will be published here.


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