Smikkelbeer with a more sustainable look

The packaging of Smikkelbeer, our exclusive candy brand, has been given a new look. In the past, the so-called half moons, cola keys and sour worms were packaged in silos made of PVC. However, PVC as a packaging material is no longer allowed and must be replaced. 

Our teams set to work to find a new supplier. Together they have arranged for Smikkelbeer's candy is now packaged in a stand-up doypack, which provides a plastic saving of 75%. In addition, these bags can be transported more efficiently. This ensures better pallet loading and thus less air transportation. 

The packs feature a window, a seal to close the pack and a handle. They also took the opportunity to make the entire assortment gelatin-free. A clear wish of our employees and customers. This is why our Smikkelbeer assortment is now also suitable for people with a halal or vegetarian lifestyle.