Major shareholders

Disclosures of substantial holdings in Sligro Food Group.

List of disclosures

Disclosure must be made when a shareholding exceeds or falls below certain legally stipulated percentages. Since this can result in double counting, the disclosures do not always provide a true picture of the number of free float shares. Corrections are consequently made for double counting. For the full list of disclosures, see: (registers).



Date of most recent disclosure Investor Total holding (%)
28-04-2021 B.V. Beleggingsfonds Hoogh Blarick 4.61
02-09-2020 NN Group N.V. 10.15
01-11-2016 APG Asset Management N.V. 10.03
03-07-2015 Boron Investment B.V. 5.03
06-04-2009 Stichting Administratiekantoor Arkelhave B.V. 5.06
01-11-2006 Stichting Administratiekantoor Slippens 33.95


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