Tintelingen has been the market leader in Christmas packages since 2003. Specialised in optimal gift concepts, where the customer is completely unburdened from assortment, logistics and their own webshop.

The (Christmas) gift that suits everyone

A "personal choice gift" is becoming increasingly popular to give at Christmas or as a token of appreciation at other times of the year, for good cooperation or to celebrate successes. Tintelingen offers a wide choice of gifts, experiences, charities and gift cards.

Customisation is the starting point; the client, the company, determines what their Tintelingen looks like. In the choices available to recipients, they offer only the best options in the market.

By now, more than 2,500,000 employees have been happily surprised with their Tinteling.


Ready-to-eat meals, prepared with fresh ingredients and really good tasting. Culivers makes distinctive convenience meals and meal components.

For food service and the institutional market

Culivers produces around 150,000 meals, meal components, soups and sauces every week.

Under the name 'Dinnerland', complete meals are prepared for companies and intra- and extramural healthcare institutions. Under the name "Meesterschap van het huis," Culivers makes meal components for the hospitality and healthcare sectors.


Fresh daily from the auction and lightning-fast to customers. SmitVis processes fresh fish and seafood for the foodservice market.

Fresh fish for foodservice and institutional markets

In addition to ISO-FSSC-22000, SmitVis is also MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified. When purchasing and processing fish, the company makes conscious choices every day that lead to an improvement in sustainable fishing and fish farming.

SmitVis supplies a wide range of products to the foodservice market (as a fresh food partner of Sligro Food Group) and the institutional market (via Van Hoeckel).

To provide optimal service, SmitVis works with a team of specialists in sales.

De Kweker

Food wholesaler De Kweker is located at Food Center Amsterdam ("the wholesale market") and focuses primarily on the catering industry in the Amsterdam region.

A well known name in Amsterdam and surroundings

De Kweker is a true Amsterdam family business which grew from its start in 1949 into what it is today: a well known name in the Amsterdam hospitality industry. Since June 2019, it has been part of Sligro Food Group. The self-service wholesaler at Food Center Amsterdam ("the wholesale market") will continue to operate from the same successful positioning and use the name De Kweker in the future.

Van Hoeckel

Every healthcare facility is different and has different food and beverage needs. Van Hoeckel knows the healthcare market and knows what is going on.

Good food, our concern

van Hoeckel

Good food and drinks, that is our concern. With enthusiasm, Van Hoeckel delivers the best matching food and drinks in every healthcare organisation. Besides supplying food and drinks, Van Hoeckel has everything in house to relieve you of worries. They help, advise, inspire and guide you in the entire process surrounding food and drink. With the approach of Van Hoeckel, they will work with you to create the optimal meal provision that suits your healthcare organisation.

Good food, our concern

Annual audit of European Organic Quality Mark successfully completed

Sligro Food Group successfully completed the annual Skal audit at its head office in Veghel last week. Skal is an independent organisation that supervises the entire organic chain in The Netherlands. By supervising, certifying and informing, they are committed to a provable, reliable organic product for consumers. They ensure that the organic production, processing and trading of products complies with the organic EU regulation and the Dutch Agricultural Quality Act. As such, they are also authorised to issue certificates for the European Organic Label.

During an audit, various issues are looked at and evaluated. For example, complaint registration, organic certificates from suppliers and labels of Own Brands products are checked. The audit was successful, which means that we have renewed our European Organic Quality Mark certificate for another year and may continue to sell our organic Own Brand products as European Organic certified. The Quality Mark can be recognised by the green leaf with white stars on various products from Alex Meijer, Très Bonne, Gouden Banier and Daendels, among others!

Smikkelbeer with a more sustainable look

The packaging of Smikkelbeer, our exclusive candy brand, has been given a new look. In the past, the so-called half moons, cola keys and sour worms were packaged in silos made of PVC. However, PVC as a packaging material is no longer allowed and must be replaced. 

Our teams set to work to find a new supplier. Together they have arranged for Smikkelbeer's candy is now packaged in a stand-up doypack, which provides a plastic saving of 75%. In addition, these bags can be transported more efficiently. This ensures better pallet loading and thus less air transportation. 

The packs feature a window, a seal to close the pack and a handle. They also took the opportunity to make the entire assortment gelatin-free. A clear wish of our employees and customers. This is why our Smikkelbeer assortment is now also suitable for people with a halal or vegetarian lifestyle.

ZiN culinary affiliated to Dutch Cuisine

ZiN Inspiratielab, an initiative of Sligro Food Group, recently joined Dutch Cuisine, a foundation that aims to put our unique, Dutch food culture back on the map. ZiN Inspiratielab is the place where you can find new stimuli, impulses and inspiration in the form of blogs, training courses, trend tours and culinary events as a catering professional.

At ZiN they have been cooking according to the Dutch Cuisine principles for years. For example cooking with Dutch products, products from the season or according to the 80/20 rule (vegetables/meat). No-waste and sustainability are key. In addition, this way of cooking is beneficial for the purchasing and calculation of dishes for chefs and entrepreneurs. With this philosophy the chefs of ZiN want to contribute to the Dutch food culture. 

Dutch Cuisine gives a new perspective on our food culture, creating new economic values. The foundation has five principles based on the Dutch culinary identity. Principles that are sustainable for people, animals and the environment and guide our daily actions. 

  1. Cultural: the dish tells where and in what season we are. 
  2. Healthy: good for us and our earth.
  3. Nature: honest and versatile food from what nature offers us. 
  4. Quality: we buy, cook and eat consciously.
  5. Value: we work on results for tomorrow. 

Besides ZiN, De Nieuwe Winkel (**), Bolenius (*), De Librije (***) and Brut 172 (**), among others, are affiliated with Dutch Cuisine. The ZiN chefs are extra proud to be affiliated with this beautiful collective as a 'non-restaurant'.

Everything you need to know about the SUP directive

As of July 1, 2023, the SUP directive will take new follow-up steps. SUP stands for Singe Use Plastics. The huge amount of disposable plastic has a significant impact on the environment. Disposables must slowly but surely make way for reuse. Therefore, in 2019, the European Commission drafted a directive to reduce plastic waste. 

The new follow-up steps cover disposable cups and food packaging made of plastic or with a plastic coating. In this, a distinction is made between consumption on the go, pickup and delivery and on-site consumption. 

From July 1, 2023: Levy for consumers

Almost everyone uses them: food packaging and disposable cups made of plastic or with a plastic coating. As of July 1, 2023, these packaging and cups may no longer be provided free of charge for delivery or on-the-go consumption. That includes the cardboard coffee cup and the heat-resistant meal box. Prepackaged food without preparation and portion packs are also covered by this SUP directive. These include milk cups, butter tubs and apple sauce containers. 

As a provider, it is mandatory to charge a levy to the consumer. Guideline amounts range from €0.05 to €0.50, but this fee may be set at one's own discretion. In addition to this charge, it is also mandatory to offer a reusable alternative or allow consumers to take the container or cup with them. Think of a deposit system or the 'bring your own' principle. 

From January 1, 2024: On-site SUP ban

As of January 1, 2024, SUP legislation goes one step further. Then there will be a complete ban on disposable plastic packaging for on-site consumption. This applies to cardboard materials with a plastic coating, but also to pre-packaged products such as milk cups and butter tubs. 

So at events and in the hospitality industry, the use of single-use plastic is being banned. In the snack bar, the cafeteria, at a festival, but also in the office, reuse is becoming the norm. Reusable alternatives, such as tableware or washable plastic cups are being encouraged. As is setting up a deposit system. 

Want to know more anout the SUP directive? Then check out the Frequently Asked Questions

Sligro takes big step towards more sustainable urban distribution

Sligro receives the first of 25 new electric trucks.

Koen Slippens (Sligro Food Group) received the keys to the first fully electric Renault truck from Bas van Heertum (BAS Trucks Veghel).

Making transport more sustainable is an important part of the ambitious sustainability program of Sligro Food Group. For several years, Sligro has been experimenting with different electric vehicles to discover which type is most suitable for distribution to the hospitality industry in an urban environment. From small van and classic truck to an advanced road train for the inner city. The delivery of the first of 25 new all-electric Renault trucks marks the next step.

Specially built
These are not standard trucks, they are specifically built and assembled for conditioned deliveries to catering companies and corporate caterers. With great attention paid to the ergonomics and safety of the driver and his surroundings.

The trucks will drive to Sligro customers within the Amsterdam ring road. Another 25 electric trucks will be delivered later this year and, together with the electric trucks already present, Sligro will then be able to supply the capital entirely electrically. This will be done from the so-called 'BS Amsterdam', the Sligro distribution center on the outskirts of the city. An entirely new charging infrastructure was recently installed at that location, which is necessary to be able to charge all electric trucks. This means that Sligro is ready for the ambitious plans of Amsterdam to introduce emission-free zones for new trucks and other vehicles from 2025.

Own transport company
The new trucks will be incorporated into Sligro Food Group Transport, a new business unit in addition to the regular transport partners with whom Sligro has worked for many years. This gives Sligro control over its sustainability ambitions, the pace and the means by which they will be achieved. The drivers of the new electric trucks will be employed by Sligro Food Group Transport.

Koen Slippens (Sligro Food Group) received the keys to the first fully electric Renault truck from Bas van Heertum (BAS Trucks Veghel).